Installed Window & Door Testing

Why Test Your Fenestration Products?

  As part of our Home Diagnostics Services, we perform field window & door testing procedures to evaluate the performance of installed products for new construction and existing homes for quality assurance and diagnostic services to determine the cause of water intrusions. Quality assurance water penetration testing is quickly becoming standard on most new construction projects, especially in Florida's climate. Builders and Homeowners should not assume that higher priced products provide performance assurance. The extremely high-end custom products often have even greater failure rates.

  An independent testing firm is generally used to provide a visual inspection and testing to validate that windows and doors are installed correctly and manufacturers’ products perform as promised. Field testing for water penetration will determine the quality of subcontractors’ work, providing  accountability and ensuring that proper specifications were followed during the construction process. Typically these services are for quality assurance of new buildings, products still within their warranty periods or those suspect to causing adjacent surface damage. On new buildings, we perform baseline water testing to determine if fenestrations (windows/doors) are properly flashed and sealed to prevent water infiltrations, typically testing 20% of the fenestrations at a property. 

  Our specialty is water damage cause & origin investigations. We use specialized calibrated water spray rack equipment to recreate potential water intrusions and accurately identify failure points in the building envelope. We create a simulated rainfall event, including the associated atmospheric pressure effects, in a controlled manner to find the exact source of the water infiltration, a procedure sometimes referred to as forensic water infiltration testing. This systematic approach is the only recommended method, as many times the actual source of water infiltration may originate from the surrounding construction. This information will be accurately documented so proper repair procedures can be executed. Once we identify the cause of the water infiltration, a scope of work can be written. Following the repairs, we typically retest the areas to determine if the repairs were performed correctly and verify that the water intrusion has been repaired. 

ASTM E1105 - 15

 Standard Test Method for Field Determination of Water Penetration of Installed Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors, and Curtain Walls, by Uniform or Cyclic Static Air Pressure Difference.

 The field test may be made at the time the window, skylight, curtain-wall, or door assemblies are initially installed and before the interior of the building is finished. At this time, it is generally easier to check the interior surfaces of the assemblies for water penetration and to identify the points of penetration.  The field test may also be made after the building is completed and in service to determine whether or not reported leakage problems are due to the failure of the installed assemblies to resist water penetration. Generally it is possible to conduct tests on window, skylight, and door assemblies without too much difficulty, and to identify sources of leakage.

AAMA 501.2

 Standard for testing Water Penetration of commercial curtain walls and storefront windows in the field. This field check is intended to determine the resistance to water leakage of only those joints, gaskets and sealant details in the glazing which are designed to remain permanently closed and watertight. NOT APPROVED FOR USE ON RESIDENTIAL WINDOWS.