We proudly offer...

Licensed Home Inspection Services

  We offer several types of property inspections to evaluate it's condition, usually performed in connection with the property's sale. A highly qualified home inspector can assess the condition of a property's roof, foundation, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, water & sewage, and many other components. In addition, our inspector will look for evidence of insect, water or fire damage or any other issue that may affect the value of the property. We provide detailed, easy to read reports within 24-48 hours of the inspection.


Certified Home Diagnostic Testing

  Diagnostic testing of building components is the only true method of measuring their performance. As of July 2017, Florida Building Codes (Section 402.4.1.2) require building infiltration - Blower Door testing for all new homes. IECC (Section R403.3.3) defines duct leakage testing for new construction. These diagnostic procedures are new to Florida, but not to us. We have been performing these tests nationally since 2005. We can also provide installed window & door water penetration testing per ASTM E1105 to verify product and installation quality.
  Contact us for other available diagnostic testing services.

Licensed Insurance Inspections & Claims

  Sometimes, our inspections and diagnostic testing procedures reveal issues or damage caused by a responsible party, accidents or by Mother Nature. We are licensed by the State of Florida as an All Lines 6-20 Resident Independent Adjusting firm. This allows us to work with insurance companies to process claims for losses. We can also provide detailed inspection reports that homeowners can submit to their insurance carriers and if necessary, legal representatives. In November of 2018, we are adding the 3-20 Public Adjuster License, allowing us to provide loss/damage claims directly to insurance carriers for our clients.