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Proudly inspecting homes for over 30 years, from coast to coast. Now serving Broward, Palm Beach & Miami-Dade counties.

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About Us

Our Past

In the early 1980's our founder began as a contractor and has been a consultant to the EPA, DOE, contractor groups and manufacturers. His knowledge of home evaluation and improvement has been recognized often by the industry and major media.

Our Present

Seaside Services Org, LLC, a.k.a. Seaside Inspections, is a fully licensed, registered and insured South Florida based organization committed to "Raising the Bar" for the home inspection industry. 

We stand by Our clients Before and After they invest.

Our Future

Our mission is to build and sustain life long relationships with our clients by providing unmatched professionalism, customer service, confidence and value. 

"Every house has a story to tell, you just need to know how to read it."

We proudly offer...

Seaside Inspections

We offer several types of a real estate inspections to evaluate a property's condition, usually performed in connection with the property's sale. A highly qualified home inspector can assess the condition of a property's roof, foundation, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical work, water and sewage, and many other components. In addition, the home inspector will look for evidence of insect, water or fire damage or any other issue that may that may affect the value of the property. We provide detailed, easy to read reports within 24-48 hours of the inspection. See our Services page for more details.

Homeowner Consultations

Utilize our decades of professional hands-on experience in the trades and housing markets to help guide you in selecting what repairs and improvements will increase the value of your investment. We can offer extremely valuable insight on what upgrades, projects and products make the most sense. No need to guess before or after you invest. See our Services page for more details.

Project Management

Once you have decided which projects to tackle, we can help remove the worry and stress.  We can guide you through every step of the decision making process from product selection to choosing the right contractors. We can also provide pricing negotiations on your behalf, contract oversight, arrange contractor scheduling and of course ... periodic inspections to assure quality control. You decide the level of our involvement from advisory to complete project management. See our Services page for more details.

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